Freidora eléctrica de sobremesa de doble tanque de 12L, freidora de mesa comercial + cucharada de cesta 5000W

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Stainless steel for commercial and home kitchen appliances
✔  electric 2-tank fryer
✔  Temperature ranging from 50℃to 200℃
✔  Thermostat for accurate temperature setting
✔  Thermostat control and indicator light
✔   Lid cover designed for keeping temperature and clean as well as preventing the boil oil splashing
✔  Enclosed special basket used for frying small piece of food
✔  A hanger and a handle on the basket, easy to filter oil
✔  Back-plate designed for protecting the electric heating tube
✔  Suitable for a variety of cooking, fries, chicken, fish, onion rings and so on
✔  Easy to operate, and high performance, excellent efficiency